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The First Classic Bracelet with Carbon effect.

  • Top quality marine steel 316L
  • Nichel free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Water, scratches and temperature proof
  • Designed and produced in Italy
  • Unisex and one size
  • Weight: 15 grams
  • Package weight: 200 grams
  • Maximum diameter: 100 mm
  • Length: 153mm
  • Width: 2mm
  • Height: 8mm
  • The models with diamonds have the following features: certified diamonds HI/P1 2.00 carati point each mounted on 18ct white gold setting.
  • The model in gold have the following features: weight approx 26 gr. 18k Rose Gold 

Prices of GOLD bracelets may vary during the year in relation to fluctuations in the cost of gold on the market.


  • STEEL 1 D     €     267,00
  • STEEL 2 D     €     405,00
  • STEEL 4 D     €     705,00
  • STEEL 6 D     €   1.000,00
  • DLC 1 D         €     295,00
  • DLC 2 D         €     435,00
  • DLC 4 D         €     730,00
  • DLC 6 D         €  1.030,00
  • GOLD              € 4.180,00
  • GOLD 1 D       € 4.255,00
  • GOLD 2 D       € 4.315,00
  • GOLD 4 D       € 4.450,00
  • GOLD 6 D       € 4.585,00

Not all the options with multiple diamonds are visualizing (BEZEL in STEEL, DLC o GOLD with 2 or 4 diamonds)

For info please contact

The First Classic Bracelet with Carbon effect. SPEEDOMETER OFFICIAL Bangles bracelets are designed and produced in Italy, inspired to the ring of the sportif watches. The colored strip, is produced in aluminum, printed in bright ceramic colors and scratch proof. SPEEDOMETER OFFICIAL Bangles are unisex and one size, marked by laser with the SPEEDOMETER OFFICIAL logo. The logo and brand SPEEDOMETER OFFICIAL is under international copyright and international design registration, to grant the originality of the creation and idea. The bracelet is delivered with the warranty card in the elegant and practical SPEEDOMETER OFFICIAL case with zipper, black and internal pad. All SPEEDOMETER OFFICIAL packaging are eco-sustainable and, in respect of the environment, are designed for practical reuse as a jewelry holder, object holder or pc accessory.


gold and/or diamonds price


I bracciali CARBON LOOK sono disponibili anche in oro liscio e con ghiera con diamanti su richiesta 

Steel 1D € 267,00
Steel 2D € 405,00
Steel 4D € 705,00
Steel 6D € 1.000,00
DLC 1D € 295,00
DLC 2D € 435,00
DLC 4D € 730,00
DLC 6D € 1.030,00
GOLD € 4.180,00
GOLD 1D € 4.255,00
GOLD 2D € 4.315,00
GOLD 4D € 4.450,00
GOLD 6D € 4.585,00

Prices of GOLD bracelets may vary during the year in relation to fluctuations in the cost of gold on the market.

For the order of the Gold & Diamonds Bracelets, add the letter D preceded by the number of selected diamonds to the reference of each bracelet (1/2/4/6).

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