Passion for gambling? Do you think Lady Luck is in your favor? Does the game of roulette give you an adrenaline rush? Then look no further and let good luck be always on your side.

Freedom in creation is the motto of many designers and among them Marco Gatti italian designer at Speedometer Official. He is able to get inspiration from every lifestyle aspect. At the beginning it came from details taken from the most popular sportive watches, particularly the concept of “Unidirectional Bezel”.

He explored this concept starting from renowned bangle series. Following the great success of them, Speedometer Official has been working on a wide range of exciting projects: from the design of garments and accessories to introducing variations by special treatments into the bangles range.

Today Marco Gatti inspired to the Casino world introduces a new bangle, stenless stleel and black steel with subsequent DLC treatment, resembling the roulette wheel with its iconic coloured numbers. A "must have wrist bracelet" to be worn everyday.

For any further info please visit the official website www.speedometerofficial.com

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